*Wesley Stormberg “Imagine”*

I woke up, the relieving feeling of not hearing the buzz of my alarm clock to wake me up on a Monday. Finally, it was summer, and I could do whatever I wanted to whenever I wanted to. I checked my clock, seeing it was almost 11 o’clock, realizing I was going to be late. I rolled out of bed and stretched, my joints cracking against themselves. I went into my bathroom and started the shower as I turned on the radio and began to brush my teeth. 

I can’t wait to hear them on the radio one day..

I thought to myself as my phone buzzed.

"Yo whats taking so long" Keaton texted me.

"Be there soon." I quickly replied. I jammed out and brushed my teeth and my usual morning routine, getting ready to go over to the guys’ house. I slipped on my black, floral crop top, white jean shorts, and my pink, black, and white Adidas high tops, knowing it was going to be a blazing hot day. My usual routine of getting ready, going to the guys house, then going clubbing later was becoming a wonderful habit of mine; if anything, I would say it’s been the best summer of my life so far. I grabbed my skateboard and ran downstairs, not wanting to take any longer. I glanced at the clock, seeing it was 1 o’clock, knowing I should just give up and just take my time; I mean I was late anyways, so why rush? I opened my pantry.

BOO!" Wes popped out of the doors, causing me to jump and squeal. "Hahahah, got you." Wes smiled. 

"Damn it, Wes!" I took in a breath. He would always love to play pranks on me, but I didn’t mind because they were always harmless. "What the hell are you doing here?" I asked, giving him a quick hug.

"Well Keaton told me you said you’d be at our place soon, so I knew you were going to take forever anyways." He shrugged. He looked down at my outfit. "Nice." I could feel my face burn up as I realized our outfits matched, but his being blue, black and white and wearing his Nike’s. (Instead of pink, black and white with Adidas) 

"Thanks." I quickly replied in a flurry of embarrassment, making my way past him to grab the box of Fruit Loops. 

"Fruit Loops?" He grimaced at me. "Really?" He’s known that it’s my favorite cereal since we met when we were about 7, and he hates them. Other than that we agree on everything; we’ve been hanging out every weekend, and summer since. 

"I loove Fruit Loops.." I reminded him, grabbing a bowl, spoon, and the carton of milk from the refrigerator.

"I know.." He smiled at me and took a seat next to mine. I poured some and began eating, not caring if I looked like a pig in front of Wes. We’re best friends; why would he care?

"Thaaat’s cute.." He said sarcastically, picking up a orange ring from the granite and tossing it at my face.

"Oh shutup." I laughed. He broke out into his perfect smile and checked his phone. "How long have you been here? And where are the guys?" I asked, wiping my mouth with a napkin as he picked up my empty bowl and walked over to the sink to wash it out. I was surprised at him, knowing he would usually call me a lazy ass and to wash my own dishes.

"Umm, 15 minutes I guess, and I told them I would pick you up." He looked over his shoulder at me, to check if I was still sitting there.

"Hah, you’ve tried." I winked at him. I didn’t really mean it, but at the same time I wanted to. I’ve had long phases where I liked Wes, but found it too awkward and tried not to like him, then liked him again. Sometimes I would laugh with him, then next thing I knew, I was crying over him. It felt like a never ending cycle, and the most annoying part was I didn’t know how he felt about me. He would always give me mixed signals, sometimes being friendly, sometimes being flirty, and sometimes it just felt like he was my boyfriend, but he wasn’t. He would always hold my hand and give me hugs. Sometimes he wouldn’t have a problem to flirt with other girls in front of me, and other times would get protective of me when I would talk with a guy friend; same with Drew and Keaton, but sometimes I just think it’s a brotherly thing.

"I know." He replied, not breaking eye contact with me. I could feel my face heat up and the atmosphere get thick as I turned away.

"So uh, what time are we leaving?" I asked, trying to calm down the butterflies in my stomach.

"I don’t know. Whenever you want to leave." Little things like this is one reason why I love being best friends with Wes:

1. he agrees with anything you want to do before deciding what he wants to do.

"Okay, well what are we doing today?" I asked, giving him a chance to decide as he wiped his hands from dishwater with a small towel, throwing it back onto the counter.

"Umm, I don’t know." He laughed, taking out a Red Bull from my fridge. "Whatever you want to do." 

"Noo, you choose this time." He settled himself back down with me, but this time scooted his chair closer, to the point where our knees were knocking.

Good thing I didn’t forget to shave my legs in the shower…

I thought to myself stupidly.

"Haha, okay." He turned a rosy-pink. "Well I was thinking we could either skate or walk somewhere and get like, ice cream or something." He smiled down adorably at his fidgeting hands as I couldn’t help but break out into a smile, seeing him be so shy and child-like.

"Sounds good." I smiled.

"But bring your swimsuit." He quickly added.

"For what?" 

"In case we go surfing… duh." He giggled. I rolled my eyes.

"Okay.." I agreed with his plans. "You want me to call Keaton and Drew? They’re probably wondering what’s taking so long." I recommended, pulling out my phone.

"No, it’s okay." He said. Surprised, I looked up to meet eyes with his. 

"Are-" I stuttered from confusion. "Ahem." I tried to straighten myself out. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah." I didn’t believe him.

"Are you really sure?"

"Yes, I’m really sure." He smiled. "If you want, I’ll call them up."

"Whatever you want to do." I broke away from the hypnotizing amber color of his eyes.

"Okay. Hold on a second." He dialed Drew’s number up as I ran back upstairs to grab my favorite red 2-piece bikini with white stripes on the bottoms. "Hey, we’re going to the boardwalk." I could hear Wes say from upstairs "We’ll go bowling or whatever with you guys some other time. Yeah. Hah, I wish.." He said shyly. My mind pondered to the thought if he was talking about me. "If I were lucky enough.. I mean, c’mon bro, I can only hope." His words caused my stomach to flip and my mind become giddy from the words. The subject completely changed as he continued the conversation, "Suuurrre. Oh, those? Next to your socks. No, those are Keaton’s socks. The ones on the couch?" I giggled at his ridiculous conversation as I strode down the steps. "Yes, those ones! They’re not there? Ugh, I’ll find them later then. Okay. Bye." I burst out into laughter as he hung up.

2. he takes charge, even though Drew is older than him. He always likes to feel like the “alpha-male” of his family when his dad isn’t there.

"Oh stop it.. Let’s go." He smiled, taking my hand into his and dragging me to his Mercedes. I climbed in, trying to seem casual and not overly-excited to be spending a whole day with Wes. Alone. Just us two. This hasn’t happened in a long time, since we were about 13-ish and spent a day at his house just eating chips and watching Spongebob.

"I thought you said we were going to walk or skate or something." I giggled.

"Oh shush." He smiled at me, driving off from my house and placing his Red Bull in the cupholder. "Oh, and your legs are really smooth." Reminding me of when we had just sat in the kitchen together, causing my adrenaline in my veins to rush, causing me to begin to shake. 

"Are you cold?" He asked, it being what felt like 100 degrees, turning off the air conditioner.

"No, I’m fine." I replied. He seemed to be a bit suspicious, but I knew I could lie well enough to convince Wes out of anything. I mean hell; one time when we were 10, I made him think hobos lived in his closet when he didn’t know it. He didn’t touch a hanger for months.

We drove a few minutes as Wes picked up his Red Bull.

"Shift gears for me." He half-asked, half-demanded as he began drinking. This was another reason I loved hanging out with Wes and being friends with him:

3. he trusted me with things that pretty much risked our lives, like switching gears while he drove. Whether it was on the highway, or just a small street; I could never tell if we were going to stall it or when he was going to pop the clutch, so I tried my best and trusted him back. 

We drove quite well as he put his drink back down and put his hand over mine on the clutch, his a bit cold from the can. I immediately pulled my hand back as my eyes shot up to him, his face twisted in confusion.

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

4. he always asked how I was: if I seemed extremely happy, sad, depressed, etc.

"I’m good.." I lied terribly.

"Mhmm." He hummed sarcastically.

"What?" I asked.

"Haha, nothing." He grinned.

"No, tell mee!" I begged. 

"Hah, well it’s just that, you’ve never had trouble with me holding your hand before." He laughed.

"Oh, whatever!" I playfully pushed him.

"Heyy, I’m driving!" He laughed, his cheeks flushing with red.

"Sorry.." I giggled.

"Suuurrrreeee." He replied sarcastically. 

5. his sarcasm.

We pulled up to the boardwalk as Wes jogged around the car’s front to open my door for me.

"…Thanks." I said, confused at why he was being so nice. He reached out a hand, as I stood there blankly. He reached it out further, instigating that he wanted me to hold his hand.

"Oh.." I said audibly, catching on what he was signaling. He intertwined fingers with mine, being different from every other time we’ve held hands. We walked about, as some girls asked Wes for a picture since Emblem3’s big break on X Factor. He politely said yes and took the picture, and they went on their way. We talked a little throughout the walk as we finally reached the ice cream parlor. Without releasing my hand, he opened the door for us and let me walk through first. He bought me my favorite ice cream (chocolate chip) and his (mint chocolate chip.. coincidental.. I know right.), both in chocolate sprinkled cones. 

"So why did you really bring me here.." I asked, suspicious of his motives.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Why are you being… So…" 

"So… What?" He asked.

"I don’t know…" I replied, surprised at how shy I was instantly becoming. 

"Okay.. Well you can tell me anything." He said bluntly.

6. he’s always honest.

I looked at him, his eyes still a bright amber.

We finished up our ice cream and kept walking on the boardwalk, only to see Drew and Keaton.

"Heeeyyy!" Drew called out and they both waved. Drew and I had the same realtionship-ish thing Wes and I had: where he would flirt, then be friends, then flirt again, then get jealous if Wes and I flirted, vice versa.

"Heey!" I waved at them. Drew had his shirt off again, (of course), revealing his cut abs and toned arms. Both he and Keaton were wearing swim trunks, and Keaton’s hair still wet from the ocean. I heard Wes sigh next to me as I clasped my hand tighter to his and looked up at him as he smiled bashfully.

"What’s up? What have you guys been doin’?" He gave me a hug asked as Keaton just sat there and smiled, which was exceptionally unusual.

"Chillin’." I replied vaguely, feeling Wes’s hand squeeze mine even tighter. 

"Um, that’s cool.." Drew smiled at me, causing both our faces to turn red. Wes released me hand as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him, making it obvious that he didn’t like what was happening. "So are you coming over later?" He asked, making it platonic he wanted to see me again.

"Yeah." Wes replied curtly, instigating that he wanted Drew to move along and leave us alone. Wes shot Drew a look as Drew replied,

"Cool. I’ll see you then?" Drew asked.

"Well duh.." I smiled as Wes wrapped his other arm to my waist, holding me close to make Drew jealous. 

"…Cool." He gave Wes a look of anger and disapproval and winked at me before walking away. Wes sighed of relief as I looked at him confusedly.

"What?" He asked.

"What was that?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

"N-nothing.." He stuttered, looking away awkwardly. "Here, let’s go on the beach." 

We walked a few steps onto the beach, his hand not releasing mine again.

"I’m gonna get sand in my shoes.." I whined.

"So?" He tried pulling me to the white sand. 

"I don’t want sandy shoes!" I complained.

"Would you like some cheese with that whine…" He said cheesily and winked as I giggled and rolled my eyes at him. He swiftly turned around and put one of my arms over his shoulder as he picked me up into a piggyback ride. I squealed of surprise at how quick and strong he was. He laughed at my girlish attributes as I took his Vitalire snapback and wore it myself, rustling my fingers through his short, brown locks. I breathed in deeply, smelling his heavy amount of his special (and expensive) cologne mixed with the beachy air; the mixture of the two scents together was intoxicating. I clung to his back as I realized: I had never thought things would turn out this way.

Are we on a date right now…?

I thought to myself. There’s no way. There was just no way. Wes? Wesley Stromberg? And me? No. It was just impossible. He took us to a quiet end of the beach as he sat me down onto the ground. 

"So.." He paused, sitting himself down with me. 

"So…?" I repeated.

"Can I ask you a question…" He asked shyly, fidgeting his hand with mine.

"Of course." I replied, trying to stay chill.

"Well.. It’s just that.. Uh.." He was stalling. "You… Don’t really like Drew… You know, like that.. do you?" I was surprised at how wary his words were, as if he was unsure of what he was doing.

"You mean… Like-like?" I asked, feeling like a first grader using the term.

"Well.. Yeah." He replied, avoiding eye contact as he looked out into the ocean, the blue reflecting off of his eyes.

"N…no." I replied, shocked at my own answer. 

Did I like Drew?

I didn’t know. He quickly turned to face me, his eyes full of surprise and what seemed to even be joy.

"R-really?" His word stuttered and slurred together.

"No… I mean, at least I don’t think so… I don’t know, really.." I replied honestly. His eyes almost seemed of disappointment as he asked me,

"Well… Do you like me?"

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