Wesley Stromberg Imagine #15

Christmas theme request by anon

"Okay, so you’re coming over at 1 right?" I asked through the phone, trying to keep a steady hand while applying mascara.

"Yeah, do we need to bring anything else?" Wes replied.

"No, I don’t think so. I’ll see you then."

"Okay bye. Oh and by the way, I got you a special present." Wes said before hanging up, leaving my mind to wonder.

What did Wes get me?

Ever since TXF, the boys lives have changed. The only reason they were coming to my family’s house this Christmas is because our moms are pretty much sisters at this point. All of her “friends” seemed to be using her for fame or fortune. It was sad to see my mom was her only real friend left. Before that, they were still good friends. The boys had been to my house at least once or twice, but we never talked. They would either bring their guitars, skateboards, or play on my brother’s or my Xbox. But now, we talk almost every day, and we have become closer than I ever thought we would. Wes and I especially had the closest connection. Knowing more about him and his life made me remember that beauty is more than the surface- real beauty is skin deep.

Anyways, I stayed casual so I wouldn’t seem like I was trying too hard- just black jeans, a white long sleeved shirt, a patent leather jacket, and my favorite golden anchor necklace. I lightly curled my hair and had just a little bit of makeup, just to seem natural and not fake around the guys. Sooner than I thought, the doorbell went off.

Ding dong.

"I’ll get it!" I called from my room.

Ding dong.

The bell went again.

"Coming!" I hollered, running down the stairs.

Ding dong. Ding dong. Ding dong. Ding dong.

I figured at this point one of the boys were at the door. I swung the door open, to see Keaton fascinated with our doorbell, repeatedly pressing it over and over again.

"Hi." He looked at me and smiled, opening his arms for a hug. He handed me a half-empty tray of cookies as I looked at him with disapproval. "I like cookies." Was all he said before closing the door behind himself so there wouldn’t be a drafty breeze. I giggled to myself as Keaton settled himself down on our couch. I set the tray of cookies on the coffee table in front of him, knowing he was probably going to finish the rest anyways. I fetched him a tall glass of milk as he sweetly replied with a thank you. There was a knock at the door as I went over and answered it; it was Ms. Stromberg. She greeted me as I told her my mom was in the kitchen making dinner. She strode over to meet her as the door opened behind me, it being Drew. I smiled and gave him a hug.

"You’re supposed to knock before entering people’s houses, you know." I couldn’t help but feel better now that almost all the boys were here. 

"Knock knock." He said like the smartass he is. I playfully pushed him, seeing Wes was slowly trailing behind, holding a huge box and a few little gift bags in both hands. I ran over to help him, taking the little baggies from his hands.

"Thanks for helping DREW." He complained, plopping the box on the ground with a thud, causing items surrounding us to rattle with disruption.

"Hey, watch it!" Drew shoved Wes.

"No, you watch it!"

"What am I supposed to be watching?" Drew laughed. I loved seeing the boys like this- just so genuinely happy and carefree. To be away from working so much. From the ages of 16 to 20, I don’t think they ever expected to have to be working 12+ hours a day. But at least they’re doing what they love, and aren’t miserably flipping burgers at a McDonalds. 

"What the hell is in there anyways?" I asked tapping my foot against the box.

"Your presentsssssssssss," Wes singsonged. "Oh and some food or something." Wes reached down to pick it up.

"It sounds really heavy, do you need hel-" He picked it up with ease, his toned muscles flexing under his skin. I raised my eyebrows with surprise.

"It’s not that heavy." Drew boasted, taking the box from Wes, seeming to struggle more than Wes did.

"Just take that to the kitchen." I pointed, though I knew the boys knew their way around my house. I turned back to Wes as he stood there, just staring at me.

"W-what?" I stuttered, hoping there wasn’t anything on my face, or something stuck in my teeth.

"You’re just so… Different.. From the last time we saw you." He replied, studying me. I could obviously say the same, considering Wes wasn’t a small teenage boy anymore. He was 19. He was practically a man. I didn’t even want to get into how he’s developed into such an amazing person mentally and physically.

"Is that… A bad thing?" I asked, afraid I’d changed too much.

"No, not at all." He stepped closer to me, seeming as if he thought he offended me.

"Oh." I breathed a sigh of relief as he chuckled. I couldn’t help myself as I had become effusive with joy of just being with the guys on Christmas and they finally get a break that I just jumped up and wrapped my arms around the back of Wes’s neck, catching him by surprise as he let out a small oof. He had obviously put on some expensive cologne, which honestly, I didn’t love so much. It was pungent, but bearable with his own scent mixed to it.

"What was that for?" He chuckled.

"I’m just… I don’t know." I stopped talking before I would embarrass myself.

"No, tell me." He smiled down at me, him being taller than I remembered; he seemed to be about 5’7 now, and his eyes (instead of an amber brown) were a dark sea-green.

"Well I’m just so happy.. You know.." I felt my face burning up. He placed his hand on my cheek and brushed his thumb back and forth against it as he leaned his forehead down to mine. I had to lean my head up a bit, but our lips were close enough if I had turned my head up any more, they would be together. My eyelashes fluttered as I closed my eyes, just letting Wes control anything that was going to happen next. Honestly, I would love to kiss Wes. Just because we know so much about each other and have such a great connection, and I just love talking, and being around him. I feel like our energy feeds off of one another, and that he’s the one that usually keeps me sane. But ever since TXF, I see him hanging out with CeCe all the time. I didn’t know if what we had was real, or if what they had was real; but I wasn’t going to force Wes to like me and not talk to CeCe anymore. That wouldn’t be fair. So I just decided I would go along with anything that happened. I mean, I knew already that Wes was a huge flirt, and that he loved to be the center of any girl’s attention. But I didn’t mind, because that was him, and I wouldn’t change him.

I waited for anything to happen as I opened my eyes, seeing Wes’s eyes black with rims of emerald green. Our lips barely brushed against one another’s before I just pulled back, not sure if he really knew what he was doing- or in fact really wanted to do what he was doing.  We were just friends, and I didn’t want to ruin it on Christmas day. He looked at me with surprise as I smiled and took his hand into mine, leading him to the kitchen. He gave my hand a tight squeeze, and I turned back to face him as all he did was wink flirtatiously. I knew it was going to be a long Christmas day.

We had begun taking a variety of Christmas photos: some with just the teenagers, some with just our parents, some with just the Strombergs, and some of just my family. After a while, everyone became bored and antsy. Wes was slouching back in the couch as his mom slapped his shoulder.

"Wes! Straighten up, or you’ll wrinkle your nice shirt!" He moaned and obeyed her as he sat up straight.

"Aww, good Wesssyyy." I pinched his cheek as if he were a baby. He nudged me off of him as he smiled, his perfect dimples caving into his cheeks.

"Guys, it’s snowing!" Keaton called out, his face practically pressed against the window.

"No way!!" Drew screamed and jumped over the couch to see, as if he were a crazy monkey.

"Mom, can we pleeeease go outside??" Keaton asked, seeming exactly like what he was- a child during Christmas.

"Well, we’re still taking pictures." She remarked as Keaton seemed to be let down.

"Pleeeeeeeease. We never get snow in Cali!” Drew begged, trying to help Keaton out, although he obviously wanted to play in the snow as much as Keaton wanted to.

"Well… Finee," Their mom smiled. "But dress warm! It’s freezing out there!" Keaton and Drew exclaimed with a happy "yes!" as Keaton asked Eric (my brother),

"Can we borrow some clothes?" 

"Sure, whatever." Eric waved a hand for them to leave him alone as his eyes were glued to the hockey game on the tele. Drew and Keaton rushed upstairs, as I looked at Wes, who was slouching once again.

"Do you want to go outside?" I asked him.

"Naaaaa." He replied.

"Why? You’re "too cooollll" to come outside with us?" I mocked him.

"No! Let’s go then!" He got up without hesitation.

When we got upstairs to Eric’s room, the boys had made his room a mess. There was a variety of sweaters, jackets, and pants sprawled across the floor, but it didn’t matter. They were both in snow boots, sweats, gloves, and ski jackets, so I figured they didn’t want to wait another second and decided I would clean up after them (as usual).

"We’ll meet you outside." Wes said as the boys raced downstairs, as I heard Keaton slip and fall.

"I’m okay!" He called out, causing me to break out into giggles.

"Here, can you choose my clothes?" Wes asked me.

"Wesss, you’re 19. I think you could dress yourself by now." I said through giggles.

"Pleeeeeease." He pouted out his bottom lip and fluttered his eyelashes adorably. I tried to avoid him, but he stepped closer to me, to the point where our bodies were almost touching as he used his palm to rub the back of my right hand. I sighed and gave in.

"Fine." I smiled as he smiled back.

"I’ll pick your clothes, too then!" He said, sounding puerile as he giggled. He raced to my room next door as I heard clattering of coathangers, and slamming of drawers.

"Wes, don’t make my room all messy!" I called out as the jumbled noises stopped. I got him 2 sweatpants, 2 long-sleeved shirts, ski boots, a black beanie, and a patent leather jacket. I hauled the items to my room next door. I swung my door open, as my room was left a catastrophe. Just like Eric’s room, there was a variety of clothes spread out everywhere. I began picking up clothes and throwing them into an empty bin to fold later.

"They’re on your bed." He pointed proudly to my bed as I handed him his clothes. There was black yoga pants, gray sweats, a pink and a white long-sleeved shirt, and a necklace I hadn’t seen before. I picked it up and showed it to him.

"What.. Where is this from?" I asked, as he just smiled at me.

"Merry Christmas." He said, taking it from my hands and clasping it together from the back of my neck. The cold metal dropped against my skin, and the heart-shaped diamond dropped down on the top of my chest. I knew my face had probably become as red as a strawberry, but I wanted Wes to know how happy and thankful I was.

"They ran out of garnet stones.." Wes said as I turned to face him. I giggled at the thought of him knowing my birthstone, or even knowing my birthday was in January.

"That’s okay. But a diamond??" I asked, hoping my gift wasn’t too expensive.

"Well, that’s my birthstone.. And I’m giving it to you on Christmas.. So I thought it’d make more sense." He smiled at me as I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed him into a hug.

"Thank you." I whispered into his ear before letting go.

"But that’s not even all your gifts I got you." He smiled at me mischievously. I slapped his arm.

"Just get changed." I pointed out the door. He shrugged and began unbuttoning his dress shirt, and pulled it off over his head. "Not in here, I have to change too." I said, admiring his toned body.

"Don’t try to stare too much." Wes winked at me as I couldn’t help but bring up the huge scar across his chest.

"What’s this from?" I stepped closer to get a clearer view.

"Surfing accident." He replied as if it were no big deal.

"Did it hurt?" I asked as he shook his head. I traced my finger along the closed fissure as his breath hitched under my touch. I heard a thump at the window and opened the curtains to see a snowball sticking against the glass. Drew smiled and waved up at us as Keaton was attempting to push a large snowball, (probably weighing more than him) which I guessed was the base for a snowman. 

"We have to get outside." I said, taking off my shirt, immediately embarrassed because I remembered Wes was still in the room. I quickly walked across the room to grab one of my shirts and pulled it on, hesitating before changing pants. I didn’t really care at this point, and as I had everything on, I turned to face him while tying my sweatpants strings as he stared at me with awe.

"You really are different." He smiled at me.

"Well don’t try to stare too much." I quoted from him and winked before going downstairs. I slipped on some boots and as I opened the door, the chilly winter was already biting at my nose. Falling snowflakes stuck to the ends of my eyelashes as I tried blinking them away.

"Help us decorate him. This looks so dope." Drew pointed to the deformed snowman, still proud of his work. 

"He’s adorable." I rolled my eyes as we decorated the snowman with a scarf, sticks, and pebbles. We took a picture with it before Drew was hit in the back with a snowball.

"Ow! What the hel-" We turned around to see Wes with a handful of snowballs. Drew screamed like a girl and ran downhill to take refuge behind a tree as Wes chased him. Keaton and I laughed at the sight, seeing them so childish.

"Wes is always like this at the contestants mansion.." Keaton brought up. I listened obediently, because I wanted to hear what he had to say. He didn’t always say what was on his mind, and it was a rare thing for him to speak out about it. "He’s always getting into trouble." I laughed.

"Really? With Drew?"

"No, with CeCe." He said, as I realized nobody had known about our little "flirtationship".

"Oh." I gulped. "Really?"

"Oh, yeah. Whenever he wants to do something bad, like throw a big party at a hotel, he calls up CeCe and she invites a ton of people. Or when he wanted to play a prank on Lyric 145 by putting a bucket of water over their door, she was helping him." I wanted to tell him to stop talking about it, but I didn’t; I didn’t want to seem rude. "They kinda do everything together." When he said that, I wanted to break down because I thought what the had was real. That Wes had genuine feelings for CeCe. I felt crushed into a million pieces.

"So.." I tried to steady my breathing. "Does he like her?.." I asked, my heart beginning to race.

"I don’t know, really. You should ask him that some time." My mind thought and thought and thought about it, as I tried to keep my mind from throwing itself into conclusions. We watched Wes sit down to make more snowballs as Drew sprinted to Keaton and I as if his life depended on it.

"Save me! I don’t wanna die!" Drew screamed, hiding behind me. I knew I was going to have to protect him anyways, and I was going to. The fact that Wes used to be quarterback of his football team plus icy snowballs just means the pain of being hit would be worse than you’d expect.

"Oh thanks bro, use me as a shield." I giggled.

"I don’t want to die.. Later guys." Keaton said before walking inside. Drew and I watched Wes investigate around the tree, thinking Drew was still there. We laughed at the sight as he turned to us, running towards Drew. He held up a snowball as if he was going to throw it.

"Stop!" Drew yelled as he held me to him, as if I were some sort of prisoner. "Hit me and you hit her too! Surrender now, and drop your balls!" We all laughed as Wes dropped his armful of snowballs. We were heading inside as I felt a ball of snow hit me in the back and disintegrate against my body. I turned to see Drew whistling and acting as if nothing happened.

"Oh, no way." I said before throwing snow in Drew’s face. Wes came to help me as he threw a snowball and hit Drew in the back of the head.

"Hey, no fair!" He said childishly. Wes picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, as I dangled over him.

"Don’t worry, I’ll save you!" He laughed, running inside to save us both. He put me down and locked the door as Drew tried to get in. 

"Let me in!" Drew banged against the glass. We shook our heads no. "Please!" He begged.

"Oh, let the poor boy in." My mom shoved through Wes and I as she opened the door for Drew as he stuck his tongue out at us.

We peeled off our layers and changed into more comfortable clothes as I began making us all hot chocolate.

"I like mini marshmallows in mine." Keaton asked, munching on chips and salsa.

"You know where stuff is in this house, get it yourself!" I pointed to the pantry as Keaton got up and grabbed the bags of marshmallows. I poured the hot drinks into a series of Christmas mugs and handed it to the guys. They all said thank yous as my mom said,

"You guys should make more cookies." As she wiped off the empty tray of cookies (that Keaton probably finished). She got the ingredients from the pantry, and our KitchenAid mixer. Keaton and Drew passed, just because they’re not the cooking type. Wes and I got up and started putting all the ingredients together as I dropped an egg on the ground.

"Oh, great job." Wes mocked, immediately wiping it up with a paper towel.

"Oh shutup." I laughed, dipping my fingertips in flour and flicking them, causing a poof of white powder to land on Wes’s face. His jaw dropped as he gave me a look.

"Oh, you want to play that game?" He broke out into a smile and flicked cocoa powder onto my t-shirt.

"Hey!" I giggled, taking powdered sugar and sprinkling it down the back of his shirt. That was the last straw before he went to the fridge and got out chocolate syrup, slathering some in his hand before  wiping it against my face. The food battle went on before we made a huge mess in the kitchen. He squirted chocolate syrup down the back of my shirt before I threw my hands up and said,

"I surrender!" At this point, we were laughing, and dirty as ever. "I’m sorry!" We looked at ourselves, both a hot mess. "Come here." I opened my arms up to give Wes a chocolatey hug.

"No way." He laughed. I pounced on him and gave him a big hug, leaving a slather of chocolate syrup against his gray tank and jeans. I kissed him on the cheek, too, which also left a sticky, chocolate spot on his face. 

"What the hell is going on in here?" Drew walked in, his jaw dropped as he nonetheless admired the mess of the kitchen.

"Nothin much." Wes laughed, wiping the back of his hand against the chocolate kiss and licked some syrup from his hand.

My mom came in and yelled at us, but said it was okay and that she would clean it up. She told us to get cleaned up and change clothes, so we wouldn’t be so gross all day. We went back to my bathroom and peeled off our sticky clothes, this time, not caring that we saw each other in undergarments. I still felt like Wes was watching me while I changed, but I honestly didn’t give a damn. I turned on the radio, then the shower as the water heated up and pointed at it.

"Go ahead." I said, letting him rinse off, trails of chocolate water streaming down the drain. We sang along to a few songs, as I brushed my teeth. He stepped out as I got in, still in my undergarments, as he watched me rinse off while toweling down his hair.

"We should do this more often." He smiled at me as I scrubbed chocolate from my legs.

"Oh surrrrre." I replied sarcastically. He giggled adorably as I stepped out, grabbing a towel from the towel rack. We went into my room to change into fresh clothes.

"Isn’t this just the best Christmas ever?" Wes giggled.

"Oh shutup." I smiled at him, getting a new band t-shirt and Nike running shorts to change to. I handed him some more of Eric’s clothes as he changed to a white tank, and black and red basketball shorts.

"No, you shutup." He mimicked me in a high-pitched tone. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Shutup!" I giggled. He tackled me onto my small couch, his breath hot and chocolate-scented on my mouth. I squealed at the moment as he smiled down at me.

"Make me." He said devilishly, his eyes burning into me. He leaned down closely, his breathing deep and hot against my lips. I wrapped my hand around him and tugged on the hair at the nape of his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. His arm snaked around my back and his hand found its way to my waist as he pulled my body up to his. I wrapped my leg around his, desperate to get our bodies even closer. He entwined his other hand throughout my damp hair.

"Cookies are done!" Ms. Stromberg called up from the stairs, causing us both to flinch. I giggled as he got up off of me and sat on the edge of my bed as I put my shorts and shirt on. 

"Come on, Wes. You’re taking forever. We better get downstairs before they get suspicious." I began to become worried at the thought.

"It won’t matter, they don’t think anything of it."

"No, Wes, let’s go!" I giggled, throwing a white tank at his face. And was ready to walk out the door.

"Oh come here." He said with a husky tone in his voice, taking my hand and pulling me to him on the edge of the bed. I collapsed over him as our lips met. I got up on my elbows and gazed down at his perfect olive-green eyes.

"We need to go downstairs." I said between kisses. He smiled and rolled his eyes as I got up off of him. He put the shirt on as we strode to the kitchen together.

"You guys, these cookies taste really good." Keaton said with his mouth full. 

"You’re gonna get sick by the end of the day." Drew said, looking down at his phone. Keaton shrugged, not caring.

"Do you kids want to open your presents?" My mom asked, checking the time. It was almost 8, and she was almost done preparing dinner.

"Sure." I said, taking Wes’s hand and leading him to the living room. Ms. Stromberg, Keaton, Drew, and Wes squeezed onto our couch as I handed out presents. 

"Where’s Eric?" I asked. Ms. Stromberg said he went to (his friend) Patrick’s house. I set his presents aside as they began opening gifts. Keaton was ecstatic when he saw his new Xbox games, controllers, and clothes. Drew was grateful for his new Fender guitar we bought him with a set of picks, and Wes seemed to like his new amp, clothes, and shoes we bought him. I wish we had bought him something more elaborate considering he had bought me a new diamond necklace, but he told me it was enough. He got up and took my hand, leading me to another room, taking Drew’s new guitar.

"I need to use this for a second." Wes said, not caring if Drew was going to let him or not.

"What are you doing?" I asked, not sure what was going to happen next.

"Giving you your next present." He looked over his shoulder as I couldn’t help but smile. We sat down together as he began to strum the guitar, notes flowing together. He named the song after me, and began singing. The way he sang with such passion, and how the lyrics reflected our time together bewildered me. I didn’t know what to think at this point. Did he want us to be together? It’s not every day that a boy writes a whole song about you, and gives you a diamond necklace on Christmas. He put the guitar down as I climbed into his lap.

"I really like you." He admitted. CeCe’s name bursted into my mind.

"But I thought you liked CeCe.." I blurted out without thinking. He looked at me with a shocked expression. I just sat there, before saying,

"I-I’m sorry.. It’s just that.. Keaton told me you guys are really close and that you do everything together and-" The words were rushing from my heart, and began to pour from my eyes. Wes leaned over and kissed me softly, his lips warm and soft against mine. 

"CeCe and I are just friends.." Was all he said before he wiped a tear from my cheek. I nuzzled to the crook of his neck, the pungent cologne gone. It relieved me that it was just him and I, together for once. He held me in his arms and I wrapped my arms around him. He was always warm, and it comforted me. Being with Wes felt so surreal, I didn’t know what to think. The thought of Wes and I always flustered me.

"Time for dinner!" My mom called throughout the house. Wes and I got up and sat at the table together. My mom served everyone a classic Christmas dinner of mashed potatoes, pot roast, and green bean casserole. We ate together, had some laughs, and my mom said,

"It’s time for dessert!" As she cleared the table. She laid out a tray of shortbread cookies and icing for us to decorate, a chocolate cake, a tray of brownies, and a tub of vanilla ice cream. We served ourselves and went up to my room to chill for a while. Keaton and Drew played Modern Warfare 3 on my small couch as Wes and I sat on my bed together behind them. Wes’s phone buzzed as he checked it.

"Hey Keats, it’s dad." He said before answering. Keaton paused the game and shot up.

"It is?!" He sounded so excited, it was incredibly adorable. Wes put it on speaker.

"Hey guys." His dad said. "I just wanted to say Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas to you too, dad." Wes replied, his eyes beginning to water.

"I wish I could be there with you guys. I love you so much." Their dad sniffled, and it sounded as if he was crying.

"We love you too." Wes’s voice cracked, as he handed Keaton the phone. He looked at me and smiled through the tears, as I wiped one from that fell from the corner of his eye. Keaton took Drew and the phone into another room, allowing us to be alone.

"Are you okay, Wes.." I asked sitting on his lap and wrapping my arms around the back of his neck, hoping he wasn’t let down on Christmas.

"I’m good. I just miss him." He admitted. I held him and let him cry in my arms for a good 5 or 10 minutes. 

"I’ll always be here for you." I said, hoping he would realize it sooner or later.

"You too." He replied, giving me a kiss, then leaning his forehead onto mine. "I love you." He whispered with his eyes closed as he squeezed me closer to him.

"I love you too.. Merry Christmas, Wes."

"Merry Christmas, babe."

Message me and tell me what you think!xx Thanks for the idea from an anon, omfg okay so i have to study for midterms this week and ive realized i’ve kinda sorta really devoted my life to these boys and i regret nothign omfg fngejrialhfieo;a theyre perfect and i wrote this yesterday but it got deleted and it was so good and i worked so hard on it for 10000000000000000000000000000+ hours i wanted to cry but i was like omfg nevermind its fine

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